After the Shock: the crisis on the foreign population of Iceland


Copyright Cinzia D’Ambrosi 
 Iceland is on its knees, suffering a catastrophic financial breakdown.  Amid the many debates, surrounding the why or how did it happen, my attention goes to the large foreign population living in this country.  Allured by the easy employment and high earnings  and by the often cited  “highest living standard in the world” and “the happiest people on Earth”, there has been a surge of immigration in Iceland over the last years.  However, the economic breakdown has shattered many dreams.  Literally from one moment to another, families have lost work, found that the luxuries that they owned were on credit, and for many that their savings and pension funds were not found and possibly lost forever. Scores are going away, unable to feed their families and/or to pay their debts and for those that choose to stay the near future looks grim.

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