At Rivington Place Art and Economy

I am contributing to the Social Archive One: An economic Forecast (Shoreditch)  a three years project run by artist Shiraz Bayjoo at the INIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts). The project is a social economic study of the Shoreditch area in East London.

The recent financial downpour which sees public spending cuts is affecting us all. On a local level who is affecting and who is benefiting? The aim is to archive the interviews, videos and stills of the people living and working in Shoreditch.

It is an interesting project which has quite a strong anthropological, social and historical stance and from a documentary maker point of view like myself it is absolutely fantastic. I had real fun taking pictures and with my team shooting videos and audios of local shops in Calvert Avenue.  What was also a mind opening for me is that I am not a resident of Shoreditch and I know the area by having spent social time there with friends. Perceived as a trend setting area many Londoners prefers it to others. This the Shoreditch that I have known, not so friendly and very image conscious. To talk to residents and local shop owners has shown to me a side which is welcoming and down to earth.

A Film screening party of Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast is on Thu 21 July, 6.30-8.30pm and all are welcome.

The exhibition is running for a a week from the 19-23 July 12-6pm



(off Rivington Street)




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