“Unwanted in Europe”

My long term photo project on unwanted communities in Europe will be shown in Iceland. I am very proud of this as the project is not only a fruit of years but I hope that it will be an eye opening on the sad realities that are literally on our footsteps. I will be presenting this work in a public space, in the shopping mall Kringlan in Reykjavik.
Alongside the exhibition there will a series of workshops with local NGOs around the theme of social inclusion.

Unwanted in Europe
In Europe, minorities continue to live in fear, insecurity topped with overwhelming prejudices, isolation and discrimination.
We are witnessing societies whereby the minorities would be primarily seen in very mean paid jobs, if they would be able to reach employment at all. We are also looking at increasing marginalisation transforming numbers of populated areas into ghettos or rather the ghetto-isation of a number of communities due to their ethnic origins or socio-economic status.
One of such groups is the Roma population that after the collapse of the communist block were they had found reprieve and work, found themselves unemployed and unemployable and evermore discriminated against. The Roma are the largest minority in Europe and according to the European Commission’s estimation their number is over 12 millions, exceeding the population of many countries within the European territory. Their large presence in Europe that dates back centuries combined with their unique language, customs and traditions has not being recognized or valued. The nomadic roots of minorities like the Roma and the Irish Travellers have often been questioned and perhaps used as a justification for the lack of tangible efforts in integrating them.
What we are witnessing today is a lack of understanding and closure towards groups that are not mainstream and being put aside or driven out because of their being different.

Photography Exhibition
“Unwanted in Europe”
Kringlan – Reykjavik
24 October – 06 November
Opening 24 October 16:00-18:00


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