MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography January 2012

It was wonderful to start on this collaborative and educational journey by joining into the MA on Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication.  I have decided to take on the on line mode so that I can carry on working, being a mum, whilst studying. The on-line mode has an inspiring aspect to it; photographers from various parts of the world sharing experiences at the same time as well as a vast arrays of creative backgrounds. The course started with Paul Lowe session explaining the course structure, the philosophy and the various on line platforms available to us to share and to communicate. Some of it feels daunting to me such as forums where I am often too shy to pitch in with my thoughts. After the initial orientation, the whole group introduced themselves in three separate sessions with the presentation of past work and/or work in progress.
The group showed interesting, engaging and awesome work. I am really happy to be part of it.
I have pondered a lot on what to share. I decided on my projects on the Dark Truth of Coal Miners, the Widows of War in Kosovo, and a couple of most recent work, Living with Loss in Campania,Italy and the Roma communities in Bulgaria.

Kiustendil Roma ghetto


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