An individual at work


When given this first assignment I thought it was great as the subject “An individual at Work” touches one of my favourite subjects “Workers”.

We were given strict guidelines to follow in shooting the images: B/W, manual focus,with a 35 or 50mm lens, ISO up to 400.  Two weeks and three individuals at work. At first, I only saw the requirements and mentally going through possible subjects.  The word that stuck me the most was deconstruction. The strict guidelines given for our assignment are meant to de construct our ways of shooting an image. Somehow this freed something in me. I was to shoot in a different manner, that would restrict the technical vocabulary, but still different and new.  This restriction somehow has opened many doors. Within these restrictions,  I felt less restraint.

I am used to spend a lot of time with a subject, taking care to do a lot of research before hand.  Sometimes I get to know the subject for a while before I take the first image. Two weeks for shooting three separate individuals at work are quite a challenge to my working methodology.

I have mostly covered essays abroad with themes that I have been passionately involved in. My challenge was to find the same engagement within my door step.

We are not allowed to shoot above 400 ISO which for my indoor shots have been a real challenge.

The criteria I set out to myself in the choice of a work to document has been on the basis of wanting to found out more of the particular work.  In retrospect, I should have taken in consideration jobs that are visually stronger as well as the nature of the job versus light.  With some of the images such as the florist ones, I struggled with the poor light and a lens that did not open up further than a f3.5.   of what would have been more visually strong but I didn’t. Oops!
A Pastor
hild minder
A Florist
Taking pictures of Reuben (Pastor) was quite challenging as a lot of his work at the moment is done in a study room. From a photographic point of view, this could be considered rather boring. However, I was quite taken by the intensity of his work. After some  time , I think that he was so absorbed in his work that he completely forgot about me.  Consequently, some of my ‘favourite’ pictures belong to this session.

Jolanda (childminder). I have been thinking that this is a job that although most of us has an idea of what consists of, it just so much depends on the others routines.  Jolanda cooks, takes care of children in more than one home. Her day is take by the routine of the household she enters. Jolanda did not mind  that I was taking pictures of her, but I could feel her tension.  Only in our last session, I have been feeling that she was getting used of me with a camera and being more relaxed.

A florist

Keira (florist) The subject is visually strong. The main difficulty or frustration is that the subject was moving fast and with a slow shutter speed a few images turned out blurry.


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