Street Photography/ The Moment

The Street  with an Event

For the Street Photography Assignment I decided to include an event. I set myself out to cover a Rally  “Don’t attack Iran” organized by Stop the War Coalition outside the  US Embassy in Grosvenor square in London. I worked around the event taking pictures with a 35mm lens.  I was tempted to take some of the pictures by zooming in those occasions  when there was some fighting, arrest and so on.

By remaining with the 35mm lens I learned to grasp what was going on in a different way. I shifted my focus. For instance, rather than focusing and being wrapped around the action, I stepped back a little.  I observed that many people although gathered there for “supposedly” a common cause, were there with a complete different
agenda.  The crowd politics was so divided. A fact which would probably have escaped my attention otherwise.  I took some “moment” pictures focusing on this. Even when an elderly man was arrested because voicing his opinion “too loudly”, I focused on the relationship with the police . Him and the police, the crowd to the police and so on. When the fighting took on, I focused on the faces of the people whilst photographers, people and so on tried to look in to capture “the action”.

The Street as a Theatre

My next day on Street Photography assignment I thought of the street as a theatre stage, a concept introduced  by our tutor, Paul Lowe. I was walking in the city centre in London when I came across this very long queue of people going to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Art Gallery in London. This was an opportunity for applying the concept in a more literal sense. I was visually inspired. I took a lot of pictures in and around the scene in front of me as a theatre stage.

The Street as a Moment

I approached the next Street Photography assignment in a slightly different manner by working more instinctively and walking around  a certain area in London, Notting Hill, trying to catch a moment.

The images sets are  on:


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