Story telling and the Rethink project

DSC_0282_01My rethink project is surely becoming a rethink on the Rethink. The last months have been a rollercoaster within my practice and still don’t see the end of it.Being exploring multimedia approaches by re-working the story on overcrowding by adding text, interviews and going back to shoot more. Yet, I am not satisfied that this will be the approach that I will take the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates photo story forward. In some aspects, although I am looking at a community that will disperse and will lose their homes under an unjust regeneration programme, my strategies in telling their story needs a rethink. Generally, my way of working on a photo story would have been getting close to a particular individual, family, community and then through their lives tell of their plight. I don’t know a particular family well enough to create a story through them, neither there is a visible connection within the residents of the estates.My approach and my methodology needs changing in that with the limited time at hand, the lack of an in-depth relationship with a particular family or person living in the estates, I am now having to re-shape my thinking and strategically come up with something that would render their stories, thus is my rethinking my rethink project. (i.e. perhaps multimedia might not be an answer but the storytelling needs to change itself).In one of the tutorials at the MA in Photojournalism course, I was suggested to look at the story in a philosophical view. A conceptual approach is totally a new territory for me and it is a challenge.West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates is a complex of low-rise and high-rise buildings, neatly lined out. There is a doctor’s surgery, a school, playgrounds, tenants halls…in short what we see is a complex array of buildings. These are homes and within these homes, there is laughter, sadness, and a history of those that inhibit those walls. Some people moved in recently, some bought their homes, some lived there for many years and so forth. These individual lives will be interrupted and displaced. For some this might be the beginning but for most it means the rapture of their lives as it is known to them. For the elderly, it is a catastrophe, for those that have a terminal illness might mean many other awful things… I have been thinking a lot about this. A home is the space where lives have imbued its walls, retains personality through its arrangements and contains the history of those that inhabit. Thus, the idea that in focusing on the objects, the arrangements, and the aesthetics of interiors, I might be able to tell the story of the residents’ lives and what is going to happen to these lives.

Updates on my Rethink project and the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates on



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