Marginal Living

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In a time of economic crisis, the concept of ‘marginal living’ is one that is becoming a reality for many people, individuals and families in the UK.  What is frighteningly becoming a reality is the inclusion of realities of marginality as an acceptable way of life. Realities of crowding, reliance on the State for housing, prolonged temporary stay in sheltered accommodations testimony of the existence of these human layers in our cities. In this economic reality of a divide between those in housing or not, the concept of marginality is also enacted by the process of marginalization and in this case of transitional, fragmented existences.  Being in a home but with a continuous apprehension of becoming homeless, being in a shelter and yet the days are going by and there is no solution to your status, living in unhealthy homes with walls covered with mould or in severe overcrowding that are slowly killing you with depression, asthma and tuberculosis these belong to the reality of life of over 5 millions people in the UK.

“Transitional Lives, Marginal Homes” is a collection of stories of those lives that belong to the human layers trapped in the UK housing crisis. These human layers, skeleton of our cities are put aside and forgotten to what looks like a contemporary urban vision which sees the ghettoisation of the poor or their displacement.


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