Modern life

Philip has just arrived to the Dani Hostel from another hostel.
Philip has just arrived to the Dani Hostel from another hostel.

The simplicity and yet the poignancy of the words written by John Berger’s (John Berger, LS Lowry 1966) to accompany the Lowry’s exhibition at the Tate Britain (, resonate with great effect, nevertheless because of its depth of description and prediction of today’s times. It touches a striking note of empathy; words describing what Lowry was touching with his paintings, i.e. a British economy in its turmoils, of a profound economy crisis that needed intervention. Then and now. I share the thoughts cited by Berger on the consequences if a shifting power from industrial capitalism to international finance capital was not averted.  It was not averted then and the process as we are witnessing it is still undergoing with no less implications. I was at loss with a deep recognition in what I saw in Lowry’s paintings and what I am experiencing in my work today by getting to know the depth of poverty and isolation that many people are facing. The industrial scenes of our cities have gone, but desolation is present albeit less openly. With my ongoing project ‘Transitional’ I have found that  ill health, poverty, homelessness is enveloping our cities and these human layers are hidden within the skeleton of our cities.


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