From Transitional stories

DSC_1467_blogAmina, her husband and three children live in an overcrowded flat.  The age gap of their children is making things even more difficult as their son, 15 is not able to share a room with his two girl sisters of 6 and 8. The parents are for a very long time having to share with their children, the mother with the daughters and the father with the son. The flat has severe mould which has worsened the asthma conditions of the mother and one of the daughters. To worsen the situation is Amina’s husband clinical depression caused by a sudden joblessness and the housing conditions have made things a lot more difficult to handle for him and the entire family. At the moment, his frequent stays at the hospital have become more permanent stays. Amina and her family have been fighting for years to be moved in a larger home. She is certain that her husband conditions would improve.

“We have nobody to speak to. My husband is depressed. His psychologist has not done anything to help, for instance he has not even written to the council.  We went to see the MP. We told him everything, but nothing has been done, not even changing the bid band (housing priority list according to housing status). My husband lost work, and this situation is not helping. It is not the reason for having lost the job but the situation at home is making things worse.  Nothing has being done around this problem and the situation has worsened his condition. Now he is clinically depressed and in and out of hospital.The problem has become deeper from losing the work with the housing as it is.  We wanted to move and we worked hard for it. We went to see the MP and when my husband did not find any help then he lost hope and everything and his health became worse. It is very difficult. One day he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and he fainted and nobody knew because I wasn’t with him. If we would be able to sleep in the same room I would known when he is away from the bed. When my husband woke up and found himself on the floor of the bathroom, he did not know when and what happened to me and how long he had been there. He hurt his tongue, but it could have been a lot worse. In the morning he told me. If he dies no one will know.” Amina, June 2013



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