Cinzia D'Ambrosi

My name is Cinzia, I am a documentary photographer and photojournalist based in London, UK. I began my journey as a story-teller at an early age. My earliest memories are of seeing myself as helping others and travel the world and this pull was so strong that I decided then that I would work as a photojournalist.

I am from the South of Italy. I did not have an easy childhood and increasingly life was difficult at home and because of these circumstances, I left when I was 18 and came to the UK.  I chose to come to London on the basis that I had a conversational English. However, language skills aren’t enough and knowing no-one, being in a foreign country, young and inexperienced did not make it an easy time.  People have told me that I was courageous and through time I realised that it was quite a step! For some years, I struggled to get by and it was only at the height of the Balkan wars and after listening to an inspirational talk by the photographer Marcus Bleasdale that I took the decision to follow my path and tell stories much needed to be told.

On this very first self assigned project, I went to Kosovo to tell the stories of women being widowed by the war.  This was an amazing human experience; I had the first encounter to war and be working on a full length project. One day as I was taking pictures in a workroom where widows were sewing garments to be able to later sell, a widow came up to me and invited me to live with her and her three children. I took up her offer and I went to live with her. This experience led me to understand closely the grief, loneliness and poverty that war widows face.  It also marked my style of working. I seek to be close to my subjects, live their lives and engage the public and governments alike to their ordeal.  I also tend to collaborate with NGOs, writers, charities and/or deliver talks, write articles and work on campaigns to address in the best possible way an issue. As a photojournalist and documentary photographer I strive to activate positive changes and raise awareness. Telling a story can  trigger a whole set of events that potentially could be changing a legislation, be the starting point for a campaign, changing our views , perceptions or prejudices,  paving a way to information in time for saving lives…. I believe that documentary photography has all these potentials and more.



  1. Hi Cinzia,

    What a wonderful website you now have, and the Blog is very interesting to read too ! Keep me posted….

    Sunshine Coast
    British Columbia

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